Knowledge Base - Sketching

*Some of the materials are in Russian


  • "Drafts and fast sketches" A. O. Barshh/"Наброски и зарисовки" А. О. Барщ (This book is in Russian only)
  • Visualizing Ideas From Scibbles to Storyboards - by Gregor Krisztian & Nesrin Schlempp Ulker
  • "Plastic anatomy" Collection that includes articls of N.K. Lysenkov, P. I. Karuzin and "The doctrine of proportions" (Die Lehre von den Proportionen) by Ernst Ullmann/"Пластическая анатомия" Сборник. Включает работы Н.К. Лысенкова, П. И. Карузина, и "Учение о пропорциях" Эрнста Ульмана.(This book is in Russian only)
  • "Basics of academic drawing" N. Li/"Основы учебного академического рисунка" Н. Ли (This book is in Russian only)