About me


Hi! My name is Maria L.

I am an 2d artist, that's creating own universe.

Main hobbies: art, self-development, games, comics, mystics, nature.

Sabra Naikomy is my primary pseudonym.

(If you are interested about it's story -- scroll this page down)

My credo: Follow your dreams & don't lie to yourself! Never give up & just go ahead!

For feedback and business inquiries: g-mail . Also you may PM me in social networks (Telegram or Discord are the best choice). You can read about working with me **here**.

Full list of my social network pages is here.

Active video-channels: Youtube, Picarto, Peertube.

Stream topics: projects(comics, animation, game art, games), skill practicing, hobbies, consultations and discussions about artistic software (preferrably open source).

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Making graphics: Krita, Inkscape, Aseprite, Blender, Spriter Pro.

Making games: Godot, Instead, Twine.


All my works on this site and on social networks are presented for promotional purposes and as a demonstration of my skills. They cannot be used for commercial purposes without my prior written consent. The exception are artworks explicitly listed under Creative Commons licence.


My nick-name story

"Naikomy" was born from my play on English and Japanese words and personal associations:

猫 (Neko) - jap. cat, 神 (Kami) - jap. god, eng. my, ない (Nai) -яп. do not have. In my associations my pseudonym second name means nameless (self-denying) cat goddess. Basically the second name form sounded and was pronounced like "Nekomy", but it transformed quite soon into the current form - "Naikomy".

My pseudonym first name - "Sabra", was born as a female variant of leopard's name "Sabor" (from the old Disney cartoon "Tarzan"). This was a long time ago, when I was little kid. And of course I had no idea back then that "Sabra" is actually an existing name in human society and history. It was a big dissapointment when I figured this out. But I decided not to change this name. It becomes just "my natural name" after all this time, I didn't want to change it to something else.

In the short period (when I was teen in human age), I preferred to call myself "Sabina". For me it was just a soft variant of "Sabra" without "r" in it. Somewhere between 15-19 age, "Sabina" transforms into "Seira", from time to time I was jumping between them. In the end I returned to "Sabra" and stay with it until now. The short version of "Sabra" - "Seb".

What inspires me?

In short, everything that I find interesting, beautiful and/or exciting for me.

Mostly I am inspired by my own dreams, fantasies (by living and replaying them in my head), my old artworks, some old games, books, comics, anime and movies. For example "Spirited Away", "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", "A Whisker Away", "Wolf Children", "Kotoura-san" are special for me. After watching them I feel highly positive emotions and wish to draw, create and live.

Also I especially like "Wolf's Rain", "Trinity Blood", "Ghost in the Shell" (1995 anime film, Innocence, Anime series: Stand Alone Complex, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG, Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society), "Your Lie in April", "Death note"(till 25 episode), "Charcoal Feather Federation", "Serial Experiments Lain", "Paranoia Agent". All of them have a unique atmosphere and ideas.

Also a noticeable influence on my art is drawn from old Disney animation, classic fantasy books, animal encyclopedias and an old MMO game "Impressive title" and some of it's servers ("Sanctum of Eventide", "Impressive World". Unfortunately all of them are closed by now). They were places that you could dive into to distance from reality's burdens and think of various things.