Here, I keep the list of links to my social media pages and also pages of my friends and some interesting projects.

My social media pages

Art updates and news DeviantArt ArtStation PixilArt Furaffinity Telegram Instagram Tumblr Twitter Mastodon
Streaming & Video Youtube Picarto Peertube Tick-Tock DLive
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Commissions, donations and shops Patreon Ko-fi Gumroad itch io Redbubble* Patreon page is not active. The information on this page is currently not up to date.

Friends - portal to other worlds Khaelenmore Thaal – The author of several INSTEAD games, programmer, creator of own universes Arthur Aywasyan – The author of several INSTEAD games
Kirill Panfilov – Writer, linguist, photographer, web developer, creator of own universes

Interesting projects

Onni Planet Game YouTube
Onni Planet Game – is a growing nice and cozy game channel. (It's not mine. I only made a character design and created some space backgrounds for the author of this channel)
telegram, boosty
UniMoment – Indie game developers are working on their retro styled game with interesting world and concept. Here I made a concept art of character – the god one of the worlds – Demonic Jester
INSTEAD INSTEAD – engine for text adventure games
Krita Krita – 2d raster graphic editor for drawing in any style, including traditional-like, stylized, traditional frame-by-frame animation and pixel art.
Blender Blender – free, open source and professional 3d editor with wide features and possibilities out of the box. And you can also expand their list with different plugins.
Tahoma2d Tahoma2d – free, open source professional program for different type of 2d animation. This program is based on Opentoonz, but it hasn't same sad-known bugs and crashes and this version also has its own features. You can find the full list of them here.
Minetest Minetest – free open source 3d voxel game engine, that can be used for creating own cubic sandbox and adventures. This engine has some important features like single, multi-player mode, mod support, plugins and games library, lua scripting. And On an official website you can find instructions to create and add your own content, plugins, textures, scripts etc.
Keeping it open-downloadnews keeping it open – the project, with the goal to keep Impressive title open and available for everyone who interested in it and in creating own games, based on it.Impressive title – Is an old MMO in visual TLK (The Lion King) style. It's focus on communication, fun and roleplay between players. Basically, players took the role of fantasy lions. The game code is open and free as well as a license. You can find the short story of this game here.

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