Active - Chonset: The Stone book

Chonset: The Stone book

Type Interactive Fiction
Genre Fantasy, mystery, horror and pazzles elements
Rating 16+
Status in early redevelopment
Software Instead, Krita, Aseprite

«I woke up again. She was also here. She wearing white and the white mask hiding her face. i`m lying on the metal and listening the songs of grey little bird, that i have never seen here. The mosaic and stained glass windows with light on the ceiling. There is a scene depicting Adam and Eve in Paradise. I have carefully studied it. All her details are so familiar now .. Most of all I am fascinated by the apple in the hands of Eva .. I just can`t stop watching it. I`m only one here... I mean...Ah... Forget it... She will do another injection on me now... I don`t want it... This needle... It too close... I know i will fall sleeping again... I don`t want it... Please... Let me finaly free... Fr...».

Interesting facts * Previouse title of the project - "23". Basically it wasn't connect with any of my worlds directly, but after I start to work with "Your splitted blood", I decided to change game a little. Now It's is part of the Chonset world and story.

The game is in early redevelopment. I'll add the link when it'll be ready.