Active - Chonset: Shadows of humanity

Chonset: Shadows of humanity

Type Interactive Fiction
Genre Fantasy, mystery, horror and pazzles elements
Rating 16+
Status in early development
Software Instead, Aseprite

«When the last sparkle on horizon informed us about the start or the new era, no one was caring anymore. When last crazy obsession rattled with automatic and no one was able to shoot, lie and kill in response, the new day starts. And After the night was followed, then another day. The world lived further, after he returned the "king of nature" to the rightful place. Being in his own illusion, human didn't notice that a future, he wrote about too much and read in fantasy and dreamed had come. But in other, in unwilling form. For real he has never wished to live in that kind of future...»

Interesting facts I start this game to prove myseft, that I can code. That was the same reason as for the demo "Don't follow the butterfly!". The challenge and wish to give another form to my building fantasy world.

The game is in early development. I'll add the link when it'll be ready.