Stopped - Cosmic Fantasies

Type Web-Comic
Genre Space, Fantasy, Humor
Rating 16+
Status Temporarily stopped
Completed pages 3
Software Krita

Unfortunately this will not be continued in the nearest future

«In a space far, far away, in an unknown galaxy, there is a lonely ship on an important mission for... – Deliver the package #63903-57126394-32314 to the sector 657429234, immediately! – Yes... YES, ma'am! Right away, ma'am!!! – Kdeo from the Suri planet hastily closed an ancient machine from the Earth, considered to be an unimaginable rarity suitable only for a museum of proto-civilizations, and rushed to the call. He still had 495 packages to deliver today. Morsha the cat watched his master lazily and knew exactly that this weirdo had again read that earthly nonsense with the mysterious name “philosophy”. And he would do something dumb again...».

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