If you wish, you may use my artworks as a pc or mobile wallpaper.

Site updates

Update from 30.12.2023

  • Links on DonationAlerts and print shop Society6 have been removed.

Update from 17.12.2023

Update from 01.07.2023

  • This website is now powered by Pelican
  • "Use Handy Things" section renamed to Knowledge Base, the title "Use Handy Things" becomes a credo of this section
  • New artworks and projects from 2022-2023 are added
  • New sections are added: "Other Artworks", "Hire Me".

Update from 08.03.2022

  • Donation pages and print shops have been removed due to temporary technical difficulties
  • The available support methods have been moved to the "About the Author" section.

Update from 24.02.2022

Streams will now be carried out on a spontaneous basis and not according to a schedule.

Update from 30.12.2021

  • Re-organization of sections - main page now contains direct links to the portfolio
  • New works added
  • Artworks inside the sections have been reorganized by year.